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Margaret Curran MP, Labour’s Shadow Scottish Secretary, responding to the SNP’s economic case for independence, said:

“In the face of some of the greatest economic challenges of our time, the SNP’s case for independence fails to stand up to any scrutiny.
“There is absolutely nothing new in this announcement. With 16 months until Scots vote in the referendum, the SNP have presented a case for separation that doesn’t provide any reason for constitutional change. Despite arguing for the “economic levers” to be in Scotland’s hands, they only propose cutting taxes to subsidise tourism and the problems they identify – a lack of growth and inequality – don’t come with any solutions.
“The choice Scots face over the coming years isn’t a choice between separation and the Tory-led Government we’ve got now, as Alex Salmond wants people to believe. We’ll be campaigning for every vote in the referendum, but if Scots want to see an end to the Tory’s failed economic policies, the way to do that is with Labour’s One Nation economic policy that would get our economy moving again, introduce a jobs guarantee to get Scots back to work and take action to tackle rip off energy companies.”

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