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Harriet Harman MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, commenting on David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s ‘re-launches’ today, said:

“While millions are struggling under this Government, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are focussed on themselves and their parties – concerned with remaining in power rather than delivering for the country. That's why the Queen's Speech was so lacking in ideas, and why this weak Prime Minister finds himself engaged in a desperate running struggle to placate his divided backbenchers over Europe.

“This is a Tory-led Government that is breaking its promises and failing badly. With the slowest recovery in a hundred years, millions of families feeling squeezed while millionaires get a tax cut and with a crisis in Accident and Emergency departments. Yet the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have no answers and no new ideas - just the same failed plan.

“Britain needs a One Nation Labour Government focussed on delivering for the whole country. All David Cameron and Nick Clegg offer is weakness, unfairness, failure and more of the same.”


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