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Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister, commenting on today’s migration statistics, said:

“As Labour has said before, the pace and scale of immigration, particularly low skilled, has been too high and its right that it comes down.

“These figures show 17,000 fewer British people returning to the UK and 26,000 more leaving, which is a large part of the reduction. The rest appears to be fewer international students coming in, but we know many of these have just been displaced into Student Visitor Visas which aren't counted.

“Because of this focus on the net migration target the Government is not doing enough on illegal immigration, failing to deport, failing to prevent absconding, and failing to take action to stop employers using both illegal and legal migrants to undercut wages. This is the sort of immigration the public worry about rather than international students at our universities, or the number of British citizens leaving or coming home.”


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