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Kate Green MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Equalities, responding to today’s report from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, said:

“This report makes very clear that, for our children, exposure to violent and extreme pornography is just a few clicks away and that the effect of this exposure is still largely unknown. It calls for the Department for Education to deliver effective sex and relationships education in schools to tackle this issue head on, by promoting positive and respectful relationships and challenging violence against women and girls.

“Yet, just this week, a damning report by the End Violence Against Women coalition gave the Department for Education a pathetic 0/10 for its efforts to prevent violence against women and girls.

“It is clear that Michael Gove’s department is now actually blocking vitally important progress in this area – by reducing guidance on safeguarding; failing to regularly attend Inter-Ministerial meetings; and refusing to promote the 'This is Abuse' campaign to tackle violence in teenage relationships. 

"With a new YouGov poll showing that over 80 per cent of adults now back the move, the Prime Minister needs to get a grip on the Department for Education and act now on the calls to introduce compulsory sex and relationships education in schools – for girls and for boys – including a zero tolerance approach to violence in relationships.”


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