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Labour’s Policy Review explores new ideas on the private rented sector to drive standards up and bad landlords out.

With new figures released today showing that up to half a million families and 100,000 pensioners live in homes with poor conditions in the private rented sector, Labour publishes a document which sets out proposals to drive standards up and bad landlords out.

The document explores a range of measures at the national and local level to ensure we have a private rented sector that works for all, including a national register of private landlords, a new national private rented property standard, greater powers for local authorities and tougher sanctions for bad landlords, including the potential to strike off criminal landlords.

With thousands of families with children and pensioners living in homes with potentially serious hazards, damp and mould and having to rely on portable heaters, the Labour Policy Review is focused on making the private rented sector work for all.

Click here to read Labour's Policy Review document.

Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, said:

"The private rented sector has an important role in meeting housing need. But too many tenants are in poor and sometimes dangerous homes.

"That’s why Labour has set out proposals to drive standards up and bad landlords out. Bad housing harms health and dangerous housing can kill.

"We want to see all families enjoying a decent home, at a price they can afford. While the majority of landlords are responsible, there can be no place in future for homes that are damp, cold and unfit to bring children up, holding them back at school.

"That’s why we’re setting out our proposals so the sector works for all."

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