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Helen Goodman MP, Labour’s Shadow Media Minister, on the need to make safe searches the default for the internet industry following the conviction of Mark Bridger, said:
“Our thoughts are with the family, friends and community of April Jones at this very difficult time.
“Horrific cases like this are clearly the acts of individuals like Mark Bridger, whom the judge described as a ‘pathological liar’ and a paedophile.
“Nevertheless, search engines and other technology companies need to be more proactive in preventing access to child pornography. The Internet Watch Foundation already alerts search engines to illegal sites, but the industry should be making safe searches the default, signposting pornographic content more clearly and seeking ‘robust means of age verification’ for age restricted material as recommended by the Bailey Review in 2011.
“If technology companies are unable to make progress by a set date, we need to see action from the Government, rather than them sitting on the recommendations of their own report for two years.”

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