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Kate Green MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Equality, responding to the report ‘Maximising women’s contribution to future economic growth from the Women’s Business Council, said:

“We welcome this report from the Women’s Business Council, which is right to focus on early action on girls' aspirations and to identify barriers to women progressing at work, including access to childcare. It is also encouraging to see the recognition of the contribution that older women workers can make – an issue that Labour has been championing through our Older Women’s Commission. The Government should take note of each of these recommendations.

“Instead, it has been cutting support for childcare and tax credits that help women - especially lone parents - to make work pay, introducing a universal credit system that will discourage women in couples from entering paid work, cutting maternity pay in real terms and failing to act on pregnancy discrimination.

“Business leaders know that women have a valuable economic contribution to make, and that diversity contributes directly to economic success. It’s high time the Government did more to help women into male dominated careers and professions, as well as supporting women entrepreneurs, and women at every level of business - instead of making it harder for women to get on.”

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