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Andy Burnham MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, responding to the King’s Fund report on the crisis in England’s A&E departments, said:

"The revelation that A&E waiting times have hit a ten-year high under David Cameron demolishes once and for all the Tory spin that the A&E crisis has nothing to do with them.

"David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt have wasted precious time provoking a fight with GPs to distract attention from their own failings.

"Their arrogance and complacency in the face of a crisis is one of the greatest dangers the NHS faces.

"That is why Labour is showing the leadership the health service needs by hauling them to the Commons on Wednesday, while the Tory-led Government fails to get a grip on the real causes - front-line job cuts, the disastrous introduction of the 111 service, the closure of NHS Walk-In Centres and the collapse of social care.

"Two thirds of NHS leaders surveyed by the Kings Fund say the Government’s cuts to local authority budgets are hitting the NHS, with more older people left without the care they need at home, and many others getting stuck in hospital beds at the end of their treatment. That is why Labour has said we would use the ‘underspends’ in the NHS budget to put an extra £1.2bn into social care over the next two years – relieving the pressure on A&E and tackling the scandal of older people left at home without adequate care.

"The crisis in A&E proves that you can’t trust David Cameron with the NHS. "

Andy Burnham MP, responding to the Monitor report on the hospital-wide impact of the A&E crisis, added:

"Warnings from regulators do not come more stark than this. It is worrying to hear how the A&E chaos is impacting on the rest of hospitals, leaving cancer patients facing longer waiting times for treatment and countless operations being cancelled too."

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