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Emily Thornberry MP, Labour’s Shadow Attorney General, commenting on the Crown Prosecution Service announcement that victims of crime in England and Wales will be given the right to challenge decisions not to charge suspects, said:

“The plans are welcome in principle, but I will be looking very closely at them to see whether they do in fact offer a sufficiently broad and independent path for redress for victims who feel they have been let down. The CPS does need to be more accountable and less defensive, but with budget cuts of more than 27% it is difficult to see how it will be able to manage the extra workload created by the right of review.”

Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, added:

“I welcome attempts to re-balance our justice system so that victims of crime are able to appeal decisions not to bring charges. Labour supports giving victims of crime more rights, but instead of the toothless victims code favoured by the current Government, we are committed to introducing a properly enforceable Victims Law. This would enshrine in legislation the rights of victims, ensuring our criminal justice system treats victims with the proper dignity and respect they deserve.”

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