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Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, responding to the release of Government figures which show a 29 per cent drop in the number of affordable homes built in the last financial year, including a 58 per cent fall in social rented homes, said:

“David Cameron has no answer to Britain’s housing crisis. Despite relaunching ‘Get Britain Building’ four times and hundreds of announcements, it is clear that his policies are making the housing crisis worse, not better.

“Affordable housebuilding is down, waiting lists are spiralling and it is scandalous that there are four times as many families in temporary accommodation than in social homes built by the Tory-led Government over the past year.

“Labour is calling for investment in housebuilding to tackle the housing crisis, bring down the benefits bill and put a roof over families heads, creating thousands of jobs and apprenticeships and rebuilding Britain for the future.”

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