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Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, responding to newspaper reports on the NHS England review on Emergency care, said: 

“A&E departments across the country are under enormous pressure, but David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt are failing to act effectively to tackle the crisis.

“As the reports on the NHS England review suggest, the Government's failed implementation of the new 111 helpline service has left people waiting hours for callbacks and lacking confidence in the advice they eventually receive. The Government’s botched implementation of NHS 111 has resulted in trust in the telephone service being eroded.

“On top of the failed implementation of the 111 service, since 2010, walk-in centres have been closed and evening and weekend opening by GPs has fallen.

“At the same time, the Government has slashed council budgets resulting in more and more older people left without the care and support they need to help them remain at home or to return home after a hospital stay.

“David Cameron needs to listen to Labour’s call to use the NHS underspends to tackle the crisis in social care.”


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