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Maria Eagle MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, responding to the latest figures on rail passenger satisfaction, said:

“Passengers have every reason to be dissatisfied when rail fares are going up by as much as nine per cent a year while delayed and cancelled trains are on the rise. If Ministers are to get our railways back on track they need to restore the ban on train companies hiking fares beyond the cap, admit they made a mistake by scaling back the investment plans that they inherited, and end the train procurement chaos that is now delaying the vital new rolling stock needed to reduce over-crowding.

“Only last month, rail bosses awarded themselves bonuses on the basis of what they claimed was rising passenger satisfaction, yet these latest figures must surely call those payments into question. Ministers should now urgently work with the Rail Regulator to require a change to Network Rail’s remuneration scheme so that only actual improvements in performance that benefit passengers are rewarded.”


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