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Jamie Reed MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, in response to the Care Quality Commission’s review of decisions surrounding the Morecambe Bay Hospitals deleted document, said:
"Following our request in Parliament for this to be done yesterday, the care regulator's plans to review its decision to redact the report is welcome.
"The only way forward from here is full openness and transparency. The Care Quality Commission needs to start by reconsidering its decision on the names, but must go much further if it's to recover public trust.
"Data protection law must not be used to conceal the identities of staff who fail in their duty as a public servant. The CQC must reassure the public these individuals are no longer employed by the regulator or elsewhere in the NHS. In addition, further details must be provided on who took the decision to delete the document and who was party to that decision.
"The Government must commit to publishing the communication the Department of Health and its Ministers received from the CQC Board-level whistleblower Kay Sheldon over Morecambe Bay. The public is entitled to know what, if anything, Ministers knew about this cover-up and if the former Secretary of State failed to act on warnings given in a meeting with the whisteblower just two months before this report was deleted.
"The CQC has said it now wants to 'draw a line' under this issue, but that will only be possible when the questions raised by this report are answered and Ministers commit to full disclosure."

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