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Maria Eagle MP, Labour's Shadow Transport Secretary, responding to the latest Government confusion over motorway speed limits, said:

“The chaos over plans to change motorway speed limits is extraordinary, even by the Department for Transport’s usual standards. Only a week after the Roads Minister confidently claimed that trials of a new 80mph speed limit were to go ahead, it’s clear that the Secretary of State has applied the brakes on his own reckless policy.

”Labour has consistently warned that a blanket increase in the motorway speed limit risked increasing deaths and serious injuries, pushing up the cost of driving and making it harder to cut the emissions that contribute to climate change. The ending of all government funding for road safety and speed cameras, while slashing the numbers of road traffic police, meant there was no realistic prospect of any increase being credibly enforced.

“Ministers should now end the confusion they have created and clearly rule out any increase in speed limits in this parliament.”

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