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Ed Balls MP, Labour's Shadow Chancellor, responding to UK growth forecasts in the IMF's World Economic Outlook update, said

“These forecasts confirm that, after three years of flatlining, the IMF believes Britain's economic recovery will remain weak. While this year's figure has been revised up, it is disappointing that this is still a lower forecast than the IMF was making at the start of this year.

“And the IMF's advice to George Osborne remains unchanged. As they said just a few weeks ago, Britain is a long way from a strong and sustained recovery and so the government should bring forward infrastructure investment right now to create jobs and growth.

“With economic growth still weak we need action not complacency from the Chancellor. He has now delivered the slowest recovery for 100 years and this is why living standards continue to fall and families are worse off.

“If George Osborne refuses to act to boost the economy this year and next year then Labour will face a difficult situation in 2015. We will have an iron discipline on spending and we will need to turn the economy round so we can boost living standards and get the deficit down in a fairer way.”


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