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Cathy Jamieson MP, Labour’s Shadow Treasury Minister, responding to George Osborne confirming that marriage tax breaks will be included in the autumn statement, said: 

“At a time when George Osborne’s failed economic policies mean living standards are falling, this government should be helping all families and not just some. 

“Millions of people who are separated, widowed or divorced, as well as married couples where both partners work and use all their personal allowance, won't get any help from this out-of-touch policy. 

“Even for the minority who might benefit, it will be far outweighed by what George Osborne has already taken away in tax rises and spending cuts. While millionaires have got a tax cut, the IFS says the average family is worse off by £891 this year because of things like higher VAT and cuts to tax credits. 

“Once again George Osborne is more interested in pandering to his backbenchers than tackling the cost of living crisis facing millions of families.”


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