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Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, in response to today's allegations regarding G4S and Serco, is demanding immediate action to ensure justice is done and to prevent a repeat. 

As a result, Labour is demanding that:

No more contracts should be awarded to Serco or G4S until the NAO (and Cabinet Office audit ordered today) have been completed, the findings published and the respective companies given a clean bill of health

The National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee should be asked to investigate all Serco and G4S contracts with the Government

Freedom of Information legislation should be extended to the delivery of public services by the private sector to give greater accountability and transparency.

Sadiq Khan MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Secretary, said:

"When it comes to keeping the public safe, we cannot afford to be so reliant on the same few giant corporations. More and more of the justice system is being privatised at a time when there are serious concerns being raised about two of the biggest private contractors with the Government. Almost £800million of the Ministry of Justice budget went to just five companies in 2012/13, all of which is beyond the transparency of freedom of information. This isn't a healthy or proper way to efficiently spend taxpayers money and I’m worried that there is too cosy a relationship between Government and these companies.

“I have written to both the National Audit Office and the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee calling for a thorough investigation into the use of taxpayers’ money by G4S and Serco. These allegations are so serious that I am also writing to the Serious Fraud Office to ask them to investigate allegations of fraud against both companies.”


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