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Angela Eagle MP, Labour's Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, has today launched the next phase of Labour’s People’s Politics Inquiry.

The Inquiry is talking to disengaged voters across the country about what we need to do to build a better politics.

Angela Eagle said:

"We need to build a better politics.

"The People’s Politics Inquiry is an honest conversation about what we need to change to help people believe once again in the power of politics to change their lives.

"It is not an ordinary inquiry with MPs, experts and academics. It an inquiry led by disillusioned voters who will tell us how they think we can build a better politics in our country.

"In order to give politics back to people, we need to ask people what they think."

Angela Eagle has today launched the consultation questions for the Inquiry on Labour’s interactive policy hub Your Britain which also includes blogs about what has happened so far, and information about how the public can tell us their ideas.

Angela Eagle said:

"Today I have launched the consultation questions for the Inquiry on a Labour’s online policy hub Your Britain.

"We want to hear as many voices as possible so I encourage everyone to log on to www.yourbritain.org.uk/agenda-2015/peoplespolitics and tell us what you think."

Angela Eagle has also today announced that twelve members of the Parliamentary Labour Party will join her in a steering group for the Inquiry.

Angela Eagle said:

"I am pleased to have the support and expertise of twelve colleagues as we move forward with the Inquiry.

"Together, we are determined to speak to as many people as possible about how we can fix the crisis in our politics."

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