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The Department of Education has today published an official report which shows that France has a worse childcare system than the UK, despite Liz Truss, the Childcare Minister, saying she wants to copy French style childcare in the UK. Labour is also publishing analysis today showing wraparound childcare services have been cut since 2010.
The UK is ranked 4th out of 45 countries, according to the report, while France is ranked 7th. Ministers have today also published ‘More Great Childcare’ which promises wraparound childcare. However, this doesn’t make up for the cuts already made to these services.
Sharon Hodgson MP, Labour’s Shadow Children’s Minister, said:

“David Cameron promised his government would be the most family-friendly ever, but his government has prioritised tax cuts for millionaires over helping families with childcare. Liz Truss’s big idea is to copy France – and yet her own Department say the quality of care is worse across the Channel. Parents won’t want to see care for their toddlers threatened like this.
“Labour’s Extended Schools programme saw childcare and community activities being delivered in 99% of schools in 2010, but this government abolished the funding and removed the guarantee for parents. In three years, we’ve seen childcare costs rocket, the number of places fall, and family childcare budgets cut by £1,560. It’s clear David Cameron has no plan to help families with childcare.”

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