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<div>Labour is tabling amendments to the Lobbying Bill after the Government published proposals that will only apply to a tiny proportion of the lobbying industry. Earlier this afternoon, Ed Miliband wrote to the Cabinet Secretary over Lynton Crosby. </div> <div>
</div> <div>The amendments Labour is tabling are below in editor’s notes. </div> <div>
</div> <div>Jon Trickett MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, said:</div>

<div> </div> <div>“David Cameron has today revealed that he is not up to the challenge of restoring trust in our politics. </div> <div>                   </div> <div>“With questions raging over the influence of Lynton Crosby in David Cameron’s regime we need real action to clean up the lobbying at the heart of Downing Street. Instead we’ve a Prime Minister who has revealed how he continually stands up for the wrong people, trying to dodge questions over Lynton Crosby and bringing forward totally inadequate proposals which will only apply to a tiny proportion of the lobbying industry.</div> <div> </div> <div>“If David Cameron won’t clean up politics, Labour will. We would introduce a statutory register of lobbyists, a code of conduct backed by sanctions and measures to ensure that anyone doing a senior job for the government of the day who is a professional lobbyist must be declared.”</div> <div>

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