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Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, commenting on the ruling on Lewisham Hospital today, said:

"This ruling fires a shot across the bows of a Tory-led Government which is taking the NHS backwards by prioritising finances over patient care and riding roughshod over people.

"Jeremy Hunt's refusal to listen to Labour's warnings means he has wasted taxpayers' money defending the indefensible and severely damaged fragile trust in the way the NHS manages changes to hospitals and that must be repaired.

"This is a humiliation for Hunt and a vindication for the people of Lewisham. They have stood up not just for their own community, but also for the millions who object to the damage this out-of-touch Government is doing to the NHS.

"Instead of appealing this ruling, Jeremy Hunt should now apologise to the people of Lewisham and guarantee the future of their A&E. Anything less will just prove that you really can't trust the Tories with the NHS."

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