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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to the Chief of defence staff’s warnings over military expectations, said:

"Rather than strategically remodelling our Forces for a post-Aghanistan, post-crash, rapidly evolving security landscape, the Government have simply shed capacity. Army strength and numbers rely on a Reserves plan in complete crisis, which could severely limit our ability to respond to and shape world events.

"This government's defence legacy is UK service personnel feeling under-powered and under-valued.

"The UK can continue to protect and promote our national interests with Armed Forces which are advanced and affordable. A smaller Force can be smarter, and Labour is committed to strengthening personnel's skills and qualifications. Labour would partner more with international allies to maximise capabilities, whether on operations or procurement. We would prioritise investment in new technologies to counter complex modern threats. To seek to avoid large scale overseas interventions we would train under-developed nations' Forces, co-ordinate defence and development plans and support regional multilateral military groupings."

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